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Family Law

Assisting you through the complex and emotional issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship.

We take steps to understand your unique family dynamics and the importance of resolving all aspects of the division of your property and the ongoing care of children.

Our team is highly skilled in all aspects of Family Law including negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, mediation and litigation. We listen to your needs and explain the options and outcomes available to you to enable you to make informed decisions.

We have the support of specialists, both within and outside our firm, for expertise in accountancy, financial planning and real estate. For many, the Family Law process is unfamiliar and can be stressful. We aim to achieve the best possible outcome in a cost effective and timely manner.

At Burke & Associates, we can advise you in all aspects of Family Law and related issues

  • Advice regarding the legal issues arising from breakdown of marriage, de facto and same sex relationships
  • Divorce
  • Property division including complex matters involving businesses, companies and trusts
  • Injunctions in the preservation of property
  • Financial Agreements before, during and after de facto relationships and marriages
  • Children’s matters including care and welfare arrangements
  • Adult children maintenance
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Superannuation Agreements

Family Law Services

Our Family Law Lawyers

Jenni Mooney

Senior Family Lawyer

Jenni Mooney

Senior Family Lawyer
Jenni was seconded to the role of Deputy Registrar at the Family Court of Australia at Melbourne Registry, has been appointed as a Child Representative on the Selected panel and been a national trainer at...

Margaret Girardi

Senior Associate

Margaret Girardi

Senior Associate
Margaret is a Senior Associate at the firm and practices predominantly in the area of family law.

Rosy Roberts


Rosy Roberts

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Lawyer.

Shabitha Sumanathasa

She also works in various other areas including litigation, family law and property law.
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A de facto relationship under the Family Law Act 1975 is defined as a relationship between two people who are not legally married or related by family who, having regard to all of the circumstances of their relationship, lived together on a genuine domestic...

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