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Our Client Focus

What we do here at
Burke & Associates Lawyers.

We take a straightforward approach to legal problems. We are dedicated to finding the most appropriate, timely and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

We operate in a straightforward, creative and cost-effective manner by building strong relationships and supporting allied health professionals and practices

Knowledge and experience with advising athletes, managers, sporting associations, clubs and sports professionals in business and their industry. Sports law has increasingly grown with importance over the years. This is evidenced by the size of salaries, the value of sponsorship, fees paid for broadcasting rights and of political importance. We have found that the greater degree of professionalism in sport has led to increased recourse to our lawyers by sporting administrators and participants.

Providing transactional and commercial advice to property developers and child care organisations.

Acting for a wide range of clients on all aspects of the construction process, from land acquisitions to building contracts, advice, policies, and disputes

Building strong relationships and supporting professionals and practices in dental medicine.

Building strong relationships and supporting general practice professionals and practices.

Leading law firm in the healthcare sector, with a deep understanding of property and development transactions in the healthcare space.

Building strong relationships and supporting innovators, their practice, and their business.

Building strong relationships and supporting medical specialist professionals and practices.

Building strong relationships and supporting pharmacists and their business.

Providing support to practice managers, as the leaders of the medical and health practice, in real time, no matter how big or small the issue.

Assisting property developers  through all stages of the development of land from breaking ground through to the marketing launch for pre-sales through to settlements and including planning and property due diligence, approvals and permits, subdivision of land, off-the-plan Contracts, advice on sales and subdivision process, certifying pre-sales for construction finance and more.

Helping real estate agents maximise their returns, from an operational and commercial standpoint.

We can assist existing and proposed residents of aged care facilities and retirement villages, appointed attorneys, guardians and the families of residents with a full suite of support services and advice.

Building strong relationships and supporting professionals and practices in veterinary medicine.

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