Imagine how an assessment of your business and operations could drive the future success of your business.

Burke Lawyers can make this opportunity a reality for you with our Burke Business Reboot

So how does the Burke Business Reboot work?

At Burke Lawyers we offer our current and new clients a consultation that we call the Burke Business Reboot.

The best way we have found to maximise the value of this consultation is for our lawyer to meet you at your business premises to discuss all aspects of your business operations from the ground up. We find that this is the best way for us to connect with you and to immerse ourselves in your business in order to add the most value.

We ask questions to uncover opportunities you can build on, and to identify areas of risk and improvement so we can support you and the success of your business from now and into the future.

All it takes is four easy steps

  • Step One: Consultation
  • Step Two: Business Assessment
  • Step Three: Comprehensive Report provided to you with our recommendations
  • Step Four: Implementation of Recommendations (optional depending on your instructions once you have reviewed the Report)

Our comprehensive assessment has the potential to review:

  • Employment Contracts and Contractor Agreements
  • Terms of Trade, Guarantees and Warranties
  • Product Liability
  • Loan Agreements and Securities
  • Agreements with Suppliers
  • Licensing, Sub-leasing and Leasing of Premises
  • Intellectual Property
  • Distribution and Agency Agreements
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Owner Agreements
  • Disputes and Debt Collection
  • Real Estate Acquisitions and Disposals

I’m interested so how much does the Burke Business Reboot cost?

The cost for this service is just $750.00 ex gst.

At Burke Lawyers, we not only have the experience, but we understand that the cost of complex transactions and potential business challenges can be counted in more than dollars.

Setting up, running, growing or selling a business are all big decisions.  At times it can be scary and other times exhilarating.  Our commercial lawyers are committed to achieving the most positive solutions for you, tailored to your specific needs and the needs of your business.

We look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you to show you how we can offer you and your business extra value for future success.

Call us today on +61 3 9822 8588 or email to find out more about how we can take your business to the next level.

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