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Property & Development

No development is too small or too large for the team at Burke & Associates Lawyers.

Over the years, our team of commercial property lawyers and support staff has gained invaluable experience in all facets of property development.

We act for property developers of varying size and scale. We act for landowners, superannuation funds, small and medium enterprises, as well as local and overseas investors.

Our lawyers have worked in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong and India, and have developed connections with overseas investors and real estate agents.

We continue to update our systems and procedures to bring value to our clients and deliver exceptional quality in a timely manner.

Property & Development Services

Our Property & Development Lawyers

Kristy Muhlhan


Kristy Muhlhan

Since 2014, she has been an owner and Principal of the firm and has mastered a broad range of essential commercial and business skills which go hand in hand with the work she does for...

Steve O’Dor

Special Counsel

Steve O’Dor

Special Counsel
Steve was admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of Victoria and High Court of Australia in 2012. He predominantly practices in commercial litigation, general commercial and property law.

Stewart Davis


Stewart Davis

As well as property law, Stewart has had exposure to VCAT administration matters and commercial law, particularly servicing developer clients.

George Hanger


George Hanger

George was admitted to legal practice in May 2015 after completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne and a Bachelor of Laws at Monash University.

Peter Hall


Peter Hall

Peter deals mainly with both residential and commercial conveyancing, and leasing agreements.

Emma Dickens


Emma Dickens

Emma previously completed a Bachelor of Legal and Dispute studies at RMIT University in 2015.
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Benefits of entering into a Deed of Variation of Lease Certainty: Creates more certainty for the parties, for example making it clear that mandatory obligations contained in the Regulations form part of the Lease and the Lease is so varied...

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Burke & Associates Lawyers remain open providing legal services in planning and property development law.  We are keeping up to date with the implications of COVID-19 for our clients affected by legal planning and property issues. We have adapted our...

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The effects of the pandemic COVID – 19 are being felt across all sectors and residential as well as commercial tenancies are no exception to that. In a media statement yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that the National Cabinet agreed...

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Measures to address the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic (COVID-19) have been constantly evolving with government initiatives and legislative changes designed to assist the areas of planning and development and associated industries. In our earlier blog “COVID-19 Planning Law and...

HomeBuilder Grant Application

The State Government has recently announced a once-off grant known as the ‘Homebuilder Grant’. The Grant is for 25K and is available for owner-occupiers of new homes and substantial renovations to existing homes. We have set out the eligibility requirements...

How can Landlords and Tenants Avoid ‘Make Good’ Disputes?

How can Landlords and Tenants Avoid ‘Make Good’ Disputes? Most leases contain what is known as a ‘make good’ clause which will specify what a tenant is obligated to do to the premises at the expiration of the lease or...

Planning permit considerations when converting existing premises into a medical or healthcare practice

Planning and Property Development Have you considered acquiring a property with a view to operating a medical or healthcare practice? If you are acquiring a property or intend leasing a premises with a view to operating a medical practice, there...

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In our earlier update, we reported on the collaborative work of industry representative bodies, the establishment by the Victorian government of the Building Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce (Taskforce) and the introduction of temporary legislative measures to allow the continuation of planning...

Red Dot Decision Axicom v Melton City Council VCAT planning decision commercial competitor planning merit and maintaining commercial advantage

The recent decision of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) in Axicom Pty Ltd v Melton City Council (Red Dot) [2020] VCAT 190 (Axicom) provides helpful statements regarding factors to be considered in deciding whether proceedings lack planning merit...

Residential Zone Guidance: Applying Residential Planning Controls in the Context of Population Growth

Planning practice notes were released in December 2019 by the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) to guide Councils on how to plan for population growth and use the residential zones to implement strategic work. These practice notes...

Sale of Land Act changes – What is a ‘material fact’?

The Sale of Land Amendment Act 2019 (the Act) is in effect from 1 March 2020. Vendors and agents cannot knowingly conceal from a prospective buyer any ‘material facts’ about a property when selling land. The Sale of Land Act...

Subject to Finance Clauses – What’s it all about?

Our clients often assume that a ‘subject to finance’ clause is a standard matter whereby if the purchaser’s finance falls through, the purchaser can end the Contract of Sale. Unfortunately, it is not always as clear cut as this and...

Tax relief for property owners affected by Victorian bushfires

The Victorian Government recently announced that property owners affected by the bushfires may be entitled to tax reliefs. Land tax If your property was destroyed or substantially damaged, no land tax will be payable for the 2020 assessment year. If...

Tenant, Resident or Licensee?

Whilst a lease and a licence may appear to be very similar, there are several key and critical differences from a legal perspective. A lease allows for a proprietary interest in land and a tenant is accordingly entitled to exclusive...

What is a verification of identity?

The ACCC has revealed that Australians lose millions of dollars yearly to identity fraud. As a preventative measure, the Victorian State Government introduced the requirement that legal practitioners take reasonable steps to verify the identity of their clients in certain...

What is the SRO Duties Online form?

The most common of these past forms involved in the sale of land were the Goods Statement and the Purchaser Statement.Much like these old forms, the SRO use the information provided to assist in calculating duty payable. In practice, within...

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