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We take a straightforward approach to legal problems. We are dedicated to finding the most appropriate, timely and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

At Burke & Associates Lawyers, we not only have the experience but we also speak your language. We understand that the cost of legal disputes and complex transactions can be counted in more than dollars and we’re committed to achieving positive legal solutions for you and your business.
Expert assistance in working with developers to settle small to large scale developments.
Experienced in all areas of dispute including alternative dispute resolution (negotiation, mediation, arbitration) and litigation.
Advising and supporting doctors, health professionals and health care facilities in health and medical law.
Extensive experience in guardianship and VCAT appointed administration matters in which we accept appointments as Administrators to handle the financial affairs of persons suffering a disability or incapacity. Click here to start your Will
It is vital to have in place effective and valid Will and Power of Attorney documents, to enable your Estate to be dealt with in accordance with your wishes on your passing or if you require assistance with, or are unable to continue to make financial, personal and medical decisions during your lifetime, to ensure that these decisions are made by a person you nominate in accordance with your wishes. Click here to start your Will View our Wills & Estates FAQ's

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