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VCAT Appointed Administration

Extensive experience in guardianship and VCAT appointed administration matters in which we accept appointments as Administrators to handle the financial affairs of persons suffering a disability or incapacity.

Whether suffering personally (or watching on as a family member or friend) illness and incapacity can make it extremely difficult to deal with financial, business, medical and living arrangements. We provide important advice and support in these areas to ensure that wishes and lifestyle choices are respected, and that trustworthy competent professionals are authorised to protect the interests of the person suffering with incapacity.


A guardian is someone appointed by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ("VCAT") to make personal and lifestyle decisions for an adult who, due to a disability, cannot make decisions for themselves. Guardians may need to make decisions about issues such as accommodation, employment, access to services, access to the person and medical treatment.

Our team can provide advice as to the role and decisions of a guardian and represent you in any application for guardianship to VCAT.


Over the last decade, Anthony Burke has been appointed by VCAT as Administrator to assist with the financial and / or personal affairs of persons suffering a disability or incapacity. Our Associate, Rosy Roberts, has also been appointed as co-Administrator to provide further support and assistance for certain persons.

Generally, our involvement occurs in circumstances where there is some degree of disharmony within a family or an extended family group and there has been a pressing need for decisions to be made about financial and property matters. It may also be where a person has no suitable individual available to represent them.

Our designated Administration team assists the Administrators in their management of the financial and / or personal affairs of individuals in a timely and personalised manner.

We have the necessary skills to manage complex affairs and have developed a wide and trusted network of expert accountants, tax consultants, financial planners, investment advisors, brokers and real estate agents to partner with us as required.

How can we help you?

VCAT Guardianship and Administration experience to assist individuals and family members

  • Advice and representation at VCAT
  • Appointment as Administrators for represented persons
  • Managing multiple family entities including companies, trusts and joint ventures
  • Conflict (including litigation) avoidance measures
  • Investigation of impugned transactions
  • Establishing streamlined financial management
  • Property management
  • Buying, selling and development of assets
  • Investment
  • Severance of joint tenancies

Our VCAT Appointed Administration Lawyers

Anthony Burke


Anthony Burke

Accredited business law specialist.

Rosy Roberts


Rosy Roberts

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Lawyer.
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