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Athletes & Sports

Knowledge and experience with advising athletes, managers, sporting associations, clubs and sports professionals in business and their industry. Sports law has increasingly grown with importance over the years. This is evidenced by the size of salaries, the value of sponsorship, fees paid for broadcasting rights and of political importance. We have found that the greater degree of professionalism in sport has led to increased recourse to our lawyers by sporting administrators and participants.

Our vision is simple: agile, innovative and empowered. We deliver on this vision ourselves but aim to also impart the vision on our sports industry clients to do likewise. Given their industry and attitudes towards professionalism, we find that these qualities come naturally.

We are often consulted in sports law related matters that deal with contractual matters, disciplinary claims, liability issues for athletes and clubs, together with the development of constitutions for sporting organisations and start-ups.

Some of our sport industry clients include notable footballers from various footballing codes, triathletes, national and international kickboxers, athlete managers and sporting agents, national sporting associations, exercise physiologists and health clubs.

In addition, our Principal, Meghan Warren, is a very experienced kickboxer and Thai boxer.

Anthony Burke of our firm has been very active in Triathlon Australia and the Bayside swimming and cycling community for decades.

Our firm advises athletes and the sports industry at a local, national and global level.

Some key areas of advice and assistance for our clients include:

  • Disclaimers and liability for injuries in sport including negligence by leagues, injuries in boxing and martial arts, liability of gyms and fitness centres, and risk mitigation and management;
  • App development;
  • Advice and education for athletes in business and investment structuring, sponsorship, opportunities, risks and growth;
  • Employment issues in sport including the advising, reviewing and drafting of player contracts between a club and a player, service contracts for club associates, advice around terminations, redundancies and entitlements;
  • The development of drugs in sport issues including performance-enhancement / doping and illicit drugs governed by the ASADA and international rules for travelling athletes;
  • Discrimination law issues in sport including age discrimination, treatment of athletes and gender discrimination.


  • Revising club and association policies and terms and conditions, reviewing their constitutions and the rules governing entry and participation into sporting competitions;
  • Succession and retirement planning for life after professional sport;
  • Reviewing and drafting player agent, player transfer and management agreements between agents and players;
  • The representation of individual players and sporting bodies before tribunals where disciplinary proceedings have been commenced;
  • Advising on the impact of restraint of trade provisions within employment contracts, their reasonableness and enforceability;
  • Sponsorship and licensing agreements, including merchandising and use of intellectual property; and
  • Contracts relating to sporting arenas, including advice around the right to signage, concessions, crowd control and merchandising.

How can we help you?

Assisting business with informed decision making about privacy, data and health records:

  • Discrimination, harassment & bullying
  • Anti-doping rules and regulation (both in Australia and internationally)
  • Review and drafting contracts (in employment, contractor relationships, sponsorship, business, franchise and investment)
  • Tribunals and discipline
  • Litigation, dispute resolution & Court of Arbitration for Sport
  • Revising club and association policies and terms and conditions
  • App development
  • Business and investment structuring, opportunities, risks and growth
  • Sponsorships
  • Succession and retirement planning
  • Estate planning (wills and powers of attorney)
  • Wealth and asset protection (both in family and business)

Our Athletes & Sports Lawyers

Meghan Warren


Meghan Warren

LL.B GAICD B.Bus (FinPlan)
Meghan is one of the few lawyers in Australia admitted in the State (Victoria) and Federal jurisdictions of Australia, and as an Attorney at Law to the New York State Bar in the United States.

Anthony Burke


Anthony Burke

Tony is an LIV accredited business law specialist and a VCAT appointed Administrator. In 2008 he was President of the Law Institute of Victoria and served for two years as a director of the Law...

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