Disputes over land or property often have far reaching consequences for multiple parties. In these circumstances, our advice and assistance makes the complicated: simple, outcome focused and effective.

Property or land disputes could involve claims about land you believe you are entitled to or land you believe is not being used or acquired by another properly. No matter what the dispute, we understand the impact it can have on the parties and the flow on implications to third parties such as lenders, tenants, sellers and purchasers.

A dispute can negatively affect your time, finances, energy, business, well-being, and personal and day-to-day life. We are highly experienced in alternative methods of resolving a dispute including settlement conferences, mediation and arbitration, and in formulating risk mitigation strategies with a view to avoiding disputes altogether.

Where litigation simply cannot be avoided, our team are strong and experienced litigators in all Australian state jurisdictions, the Federal Court of Australia, High Court of Australia and, internationally, including in the United States. You want us in your corner!

We do the worrying for you and aim to achieve the best possible outcome to enable you to get on with your life without being involved in protracted dispute.

Dispute resolution experience to help property owners and developers

  • Property and land claims: Adverse possession, encroachment, neighbours, dividing property, compulsory acquisition.
  • Real estate agent disputes
  • Leasing or licensing disputes
  • Owners Corporation
  • Contracts of Sale: Termination, cancellation, variation
  • Damage to land or property
  • Planning disputes
  • Caveats
  • Easements
  • Conflict (including litigation) avoidance measures
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Alternative dispute resolution (incl. mediation, settlement conferences and negotiation)
  • Advice about legal action and remedies open to you and others

Our Property and Property Development lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of property, real estate and property development law. Our team of property lawyers, including an accredited specialist have assisted many clients with their property dispute requirements.

If you have any questions about your property dispute or would like to find out how our property lawyers can assist you with any of your property dispute needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our office on +61 3 9822 8588.

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