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Buying a Property

We help streamline the process for purchasing property for first home buyers, owner-occupiers, investors and property developers, for all types of property.

We understand that buying property is an important decision. We treat our clients equally. We value relationships. We want to ensure that you are satisfied with your experience and that your conveyancing transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Buying property can be one of the most exciting times in your life but, can also be the most stressful.

We are here to help!

Our property team is able to assist you with all aspects of purchasing a property, from reviewing your Contract of Sale and Vendor’s Statement (Section 32) all the way to settlement.

We will guide you through the conveyancing process. We will answer your queries. We will advise you on the legal requirements and your obligations.

We can also assist and advise you on all ancillary requirements such as Licence Agreements, Leases, Owners Corporation matters, building works, disputes and more. We will advise you of costs at the outset so that there are no surprises.

Our property team has extensive experience acting for clients of all sizes, from individuals to companies to superannuation funds, trusts, property developers and more.

We act in the conveyancing for all types of properties from residential to commercial or retail, development sites, healthcare property, industrial and more. Our property team also has a depth of experience in advising purchasers in off-the-plan developments.

Why appoint a lawyer and not a conveyancer?

Lawyers have undertaken extensive education. They are not only able to advise you on the conveyancing process but will look out for your personal interests.

They are up-to-date with all legislation. They understand the complexities and legal issues that may arise in the purchase of a property and can advise you on your legal obligations under a Contract of Sale, negotiate or amend terms of a Contract and deal with the multiplicity of legal issues that may arise in a conveyancing transaction.

Why use a lawyer when buying a house?

In the event that you encounter any legal issues during the conveyancing process, conveyancers are not trained to advise you on such issues.

Buying a property may also affect other matters such as taxation, Wills or family matters. Lawyers can advise you on such matters.

Our team at Burke & Associates Lawyers is able to assist with the conveyancing and advise on other legal matters.

How can we help you?

Property experience to help Purchasers in:

  • General advice regarding purchasing process and Sale of Land Act 1962
  • Advice on Contract of Sale and Vendor’s Statements (Section 32)
  • Negotiating terms of Contract and drafting Special Conditions
  • Conveyancing
  • PEXA settlements
  • Licence Agreements
  • Leases
  • Dispute resolution
  • Off-the-plan purchases
  • First home buyers

Our Buying a Property Lawyers

Kristy Muhlhan


Kristy Muhlhan

Since 2014, she has been an owner and Principal of the firm and has mastered a broad range of essential commercial and business skills which go hand in hand with the work she does for...

Sandra Le


Sandra Le

Sandra is professional and takes exceptional care with every matter she undertakes and is a natural problem solver.

Wendy Toura

Conveyancing Team Leader and Law Clerk

Wendy Toura

Conveyancing Team Leader and Law Clerk
Licensed Conveyancer, BCom
Wendy’s role is primarily in conveyancing.

Emma Dickens


Emma Dickens

Bachelor of Legal and Dispute studies
Emma joined us in 2018 and holds a Bachelor of Legal and Dispute studies. Emma is currently studying for her Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing.
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