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Our dispute lawyers are experienced in all areas of business and personal disputes including alternative dispute resolution options.

Our assistance in resolving your dispute

At Burke & Associates we build strong and holistic relationships so that we gain a deep understanding of the issues in the dispute and the goals to be achieved. Our advice and approach to any dispute is effective with a focus on a successful outcome and solutios.

What does dispute resolution mean?

Dispute resolution is the process of formally resolving a dispute (disagreement) between two parties. Alternative Dispute Resolution options include negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other expert determination.

A dispute can negatively affect your time, finances, energy, business, well-being, and personal and day-to-day life. Our lawyers are highly experienced in alternative methods of resolving a dispute including settlement conferences, mediation and arbitration. Our lawyer are experts in formulating risk mitigation strategies with a view to avoiding disputes altogether.

Where litigation simply cannot be avoided, our lawyers are strong and experienced litigators in all Australian state jurisdictions, the Federal Court of Australia, High Court of Australia and, internationally, including in the United States. You want us in your corner!

We do the worrying for you and aim to achieve the best possible outcome to enable you to get on with your life without being involved in protracted dispute.

We handle business, commercial, corporate, intellectual property, contract, equity, finance, building, construction, property and estate disputes.

How can we help you?

Dispute experience to assist individuals and businesses

  • Conflict (including litigation) avoidance measures
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Dispute strategy and planning
  • Evidence gathering
  • Discovery assistance
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Commercial arbitration
  • Advice about legal action and remedies open to you
  • Advice about legal action and remedies open to you
  • Business, commercial, intellectual property, contract, equity, finance, building, construction, property and estate disputes
  • Corporate (Corporations Act 2001), shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Breach of director duties
  • Employment
  • Debt recovery
  • Section 1782 Foreign jurisdiction discovery applications

Disputes Services

Our Disputes Lawyers

Meghan Warren


Meghan Warren

LL.B GAICD B.Bus (FinPlan)
Meghan is one of the few lawyers in Australia admitted in the State (Victoria) and Federal jurisdictions of Australia, and as an Attorney at Law to the New York State Bar in the United States.

Rosy Roberts


Rosy Roberts

Rosy has extensive experience in Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution having represented clients in all Victorian State Courts and the High Court of Australia. She is also a VCAT appointed Administrator.

Anthony Burke


Anthony Burke

Tony is an LIV accredited business law specialist and a VCAT appointed Administrator. In 2008 he was President of the Law Institute of Victoria and served for two years as a director of the Law...

Rohani Bixler

Special Counsel

Rohani Bixler

Special Counsel
LL.B (Hons) BA (PSYCH)
Rohani holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from Monash University, and has practiced exclusively in the areas of estate planning, deceased estate administration and estate litigation and disputes since...

Helen Mastos

Special Counsel

Helen Mastos

Special Counsel
Helen is a Special Counsel with over 25 years of experience in Commercial Litigation and Commercial Law.

Bianka Duzelovski

Bianka has an extensive background both in private practice and as internal counsel for a number of high-profile building and commercial businesses so provides the perfect balance of legal skills to our Commercial, Disputes and...
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In the recent case of Henclo Investments Pty Ltd v. MSB Capital Holdings Pty Ltd [2020] VSC 775, a wind up application was refused by the Supreme Court of Victoria on 25 November 2020 on the basis that an outstanding...

High Court Says We Were Right All Along!

On 15 December 2017 the High Court of Australia dismissed a landlord’s appeal against a decision in favour of our tenant client in the Court of Appeal in a leading case about retail leasing. Essentially we encouraged our tenant of...

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How can Landlords and Tenants Avoid ‘Make Good’ Disputes? Most leases contain what is known as a ‘make good’ clause which will specify what a tenant is obligated to do to the premises at the expiration of the lease or...

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Arbitration agreements are often treated as a “one-size-fits-all” in commercial contracts without being given much thought. This approach has the potential to increase time, costs and complexity for the parties in resolving disputes. A well-drafted arbitration agreement mitigates the risk...

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Idameneo Pty Ltd (Idameneo) (otherwise known as Primary Health Care), a major medical centre operator has been found to have underpaid its employees in the amount of more than $15 million. Further, in late 2018, Idameneo’s parent company, Healius Limited,...

Production of Evidence in the State of New York, USA

In almost every legal proceeding, it is mandatory that the parties adhere to important rules regarding evidentiary standards. This principle applies to both Australian and United States jurisdictions. In this article, we discuss the types of evidence and rules relevant...

Section 1782: Discovery in the US for Foreign Proceedings

Scope of Section 1782 In the case of Intel Corp. v. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (“Intel”) the US Supreme Court clarified the scope of the US’ § 1782 such that there are no implied limitations regarding the Court’s power under...

Shareholder Oppression. What it is, how it occurs and how to protect yourself and your business.

Shareholder oppression mostly commonly occurs when the majority shareholder(s) of a company misuse their majority power to oppress the minority shareholders or otherwise treat them unfairly.  There is no one set of activities which defines this , however, this will...

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In recent days a commercial tenant client was successful in an appeal to the Supreme Court of Victoria against a decision made by a Senior Member in the Retail Leases List at VCAT. On behalf of our client, the tenant...

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United States power in proceedings all over the world? Section 1782 of the United States Code allows an interested person in a non-US proceeding to request discovery of evidence from a US-based entity for use in a foreign legal proceeding....