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Debunking the myths about Disputes and Litigation

Given the effect that recent pandemic events have had on businesses with some left struggling we thought it timely to cover the topic of disputes and litigation. A dispute is not a situation that individuals, companies or practices wanted to...

Arbitration Clauses and Online Contracts. How to enforce them.

Entering contracts online is now a regular part of many commercial dealings. These contracts can be simple, such as the purchase of a pair of jeans by a consumer, or more complex, such as service agreements between sophisticated entities. In...

How to Better Draft an Arbitration Clause in your Commercial Agreements

Arbitration agreements are often treated as a “one-size-fits-all” in commercial contracts without being given much thought. This approach has the potential to increase time, costs and complexity for the parties in resolving disputes. A well-drafted arbitration agreement mitigates fthe risk...
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