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Success at the AAT – VCAT Administration

In our role as VCAT appointed Administrators, we often deal with complex legal issues affecting a Represented Person. This can include complex estate matters, issues of severance of property or Family Law matters. However, earlier in the year our role...

Special Disability Trusts and other Trusts for Vulnerable Beneficiaries

Special Disability Trusts were established in 2006, primarily for the purpose of privately funding a person’s care and accommodation without impacting their eligibility for a Disability Support Pension.  Various changes were made to these trusts between 2008 and 2011, but...

Estate Planning for Vulnerable Beneficiaries

Thinking about your Will may seem hard enough for most of us, but for people who have a child with a disability or other vulnerability, it can be completely overwhelming.  Who will make sure they are not taken advantage of? ...
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