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Family Law


We can help with disputes over the arrangements and ownership of pets following a relationship breakdown.

Pets are companions and part of the family.

Pets are companions and part of the family and their ownership, care and with whom they will stay are an important part of agreements that need to be made following the end of a relationship. This is an area of special interest for our Senior Family Lawyer, Jenni Mooney who understands the close relationship many people have with their pet.

How can we help you?

  • Advising on factors taken into account in determining pet ownership between parties
  • Help negotiating an agreement on the care and ownership
  • Prepare court material on this issue if agreement cannot be reached

Our Pets Lawyers

Rosy Roberts


Rosy Roberts

Rosy has extensive experience in Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution having represented clients in all Victorian State Courts, the Family Court of Australia and the High Court of Australia. She is also a VCAT appointed...

Margaret Girardi

Senior Associate

Margaret Girardi

Senior Associate
Margaret is a Senior Associate at the firm and practices predominantly in the area of family law.

Shabitha Sumanathasa

Shabitha works in various other areas including litigation, family law and property law.
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