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Family Law

Property Division

Assistance with dividing property and superannuation at the conclusion of a relationship.

We take steps to understand your unique family dynamics and the importance of resolving all aspects of the division of your property.

Property that can be divided between parties to a relationship breakdown can include real property, motor vehicles, companies, businesses, shares, cash savings, trusts, inheritances and household chattels.

Superannuation is also treated as property under the Family Law Act.

When parties separate, often one of the most challenging aspects of the separation is how the assets of the relationship will be divided. The interests of third parties such as family members, co-owners and business partners, can also be relevant.

We are highly experienced in alternative methods of resolving any dispute including negotiation and mediation and, in the event that parties agree to a property settlement outside of Court, we provide advice and assistance with preparing Consent Orders to be filed with the Family Court of Australia.

How can we help you?

  • Advice in relation to the effect of an inheritance
  • The effect of the health of the parties
  • The effect of dependent children
  • The effect of children with special needs
  • The effect of high income earning parties
  • Alternative dispute resolution (including negotiation and mediation)
  • Advice about legal action and processes in the Family Court
  • Representation in the Family Court

Our Property Division Lawyers

Rosy Roberts


Rosy Roberts

Rosy has extensive experience in Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution having represented clients in all Victorian State Courts, the Family Court of Australia and the High Court of Australia. She is also a VCAT appointed...

Margaret Girardi

Senior Associate

Margaret Girardi

Senior Associate
Margaret is a Senior Associate at the firm and practices predominantly in the area of family law.

Shabitha Sumanathasa

Shabitha works in various other areas including litigation, family law and property law.
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