Our assistance in review of your superannuation and insurance policies and claims can help to ensure you receive all that you are entitled to.

Superannuation benefits can be claimed either in the event of your retirement or earlier in case of an unfortunate event like illness, disability, injury or other hardship. You may have a number of insurances in place that also apply in circumstances like this or where a family member or key person dies or you are out of work.

We look at your fund and insurance terms in depth to advise you on what you and your family are entitled to, the extent of your cover and applicable benefits. In superannuation, benefits you could be entitled to may include total and permanent disability benefits, income protection benefits, terminal illness benefits and death benefits.

We work closely with our client’s accountants and financial planners to formulate suitable superannuation and insurance strategies in which you can invest for your retirement and provide you with protection whilst allowing you to take advantage of taxation benefits available through effective investment strategy.

In case your claim is rejected, our team of experts come to your rescue. We analyse the reasons for rejection and assist you in appealing the decision in order to achieve the best outcome possible.


We make it our mission to keep you out of court where possible.

Sometimes litigation is, however, a necessary tool to succeed or defend a dispute and may not be able to be avoided.

In these circumstances, our team are experienced litigators in all Australian state jurisdictions, the Federal Court of Australia, High Court of Australia and, internationally, in the United States.

Our principal lawyer and head of our commercial, business and dispute team, Meghan Warren is admitted to practice as an Australian legal practitioner in addition to an Attorney at Law to the New York State Bar in the United States. She also holds a Bachelor of Business Degree with a major in Financial Planning.

How can we help you?

We can advise you on all aspects of superannuation and insurance:

  • Superannuation and insurance claims
  • Superannuation and insurance reviews and advice
  • Retirement benefits and planning
  • Total and permanent disability benefits
  • Income protection benefits
  • Terminal illness benefits
  • Death benefits
  • Early access or release
  • Consolidation
  • Starting an income stream or pension in retirement
  • Superannuation death benefits proceeds trusts

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