Arbitration Related Work Likely to Increase for Australian Lawyers

The volume of work for Australian lawyers is likely to increase due to a recent memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the Australian Bar Association (ABA) and Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Australia (CIArb). The initiative looks to give shape to a more integrated local dispute resolution network.

In a joint statement, the ABA and CIArb said that lawyers in Australia are in a unique position to be able to conduct all forms of dispute resolution methods both on the home front and internationally in light of their skills in providing early advice, expert advocacy and in negotiation.

The Honourable Chief Justice James Allsop of the Federal Court of Australia, commented that the signing of the MoU was a “significant step in a strategic alliance” in advancing the dispute resolution services of the ABA and CIArb to an international market.

Noel Hutley SC, President of the ABA, commented that the ABA was expecting positive outcomes by joining hands with CIArb and that it would be a mutually beneficial relationship for both the organisations. He said that the ABA was committed to recognising and promoting the interests of Australian barristers and legal practitioners in international jurisdictions.

He further commented that these new developments were not intended to help only the Australian legal practitioners residing and working outside Australia in the capacity of counsel, arbitrator or mediator, but also to promote the skills, aptitude and capability of the Australian judiciary, as a whole.

CIArb President Caroline Kenny QC said that while consenting to this arrangement, both the ABA and CIArb recognised the significance of evolving opportunities for their members in the alternative dispute resolution space, particularly in the developing arbitration hubs of Asia.

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