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Starting a medical practice?

Planning due diligence is an absolute must.

Our free guide explains everything you need to know about the planning process when it comes to developing or converting an existing premises into a medical practice.


What’s Inside the Guide?


  • Broad overview of the process

    A comprehensive overview on the acquisition process, details to incorporate into your proposal to the local council and our recommendations to ensure your due diligence activity is thorough.

  • Details of what you can expect

    We include details of the potential scenarios, timeframes, and outcomes to expect during the planning due diligence and permit application process.

  • Steps to successfully navigate the permit application process

    This involves the submission of the proposal up to the approval and issue of the planning permit and the potential scenarios for appeals to VCAT.

  • FAQs regarding the conversion of existing premises

    We answer questions regarding the process of the property’s change of use, definition of relevant terms, planning considerations and requirements for use of land as a medical centre.

Arm yourself with all of the information.

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Who Is Burke & Associates Lawyers?

Burke & Associates is a Melbourne-based law firm with significant industry experience in the medical and healthcare practices sector.

When providing our clients with legal advice, we understand the nuances of the medical practices sector - having worked with both new and established medical and allied health practices.

We can assist you by providing you with a legal assessment based on the proposed medical practice, report on any legal risks and our recommendations prior to acquiring or leasing a property.

Our Planning Law Team is supported by our:

  • Property Law Team that provides separate pre-acquisition or post-acquisition property due diligence and reporting.
  • Our Business Law Team that assists with setting up business structures and contracts, aimed at avoiding future disputes with other stakeholders.

Our all-inclusive approach ensures that you and your medical business are set up for success.

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The material outlined above does not address the full suite of planning considerations and requirements under a planning scheme that may apply to a specific medical centre proposal.

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