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Internationally Based Professionals & Businesses

Bringing understanding about the Australian legal framework and how it fits with the global stage so that our international clients consider all jurisdictional requirements, make informed decisions and achieve the best outcomes in business, personally and in times of dispute.

No two commercial transactions or dispute are identical. Every one requires the application of judgement and a depth of commercial and legal experience. This is particularly so where cross-border considerations and complications are relevant. At Burke & Associates Lawyers, we deliver Australian expertise, global experience and trusted partnerships.

We understand the importance of having advisors who can assist you in making important business decisions as well as navigating complex commercial dealings and negotiations. We’re committed to achieving positive legal solutions with and for you, your business and your family in a straightforward, creative and cost-effective manner, globally.

Our lawyers are experienced in advising small to medium sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and professionals in commercial and personal transactions and disputes across borders whether they are Australians or Australian businesses with a base or assets abroad, US businesses looking to enter the Australian market or US or UK corporations pursuing a debt, judgment or other dispute in Australia.

We have acted for thousands of businesses, business owners and professionals all over the world in our 70 years of practice, assisting side-by-side in their business and personal challenges and opportunities.

Whether you are looking to sell, develop, grow, improve, merge or purchase a business, to negotiate a commercial deal or contract, to develop a commercial relationship, to licence intellectual property, for advice on your start up, business structuring and governance, to defend or commence a dispute, our lawyers can assist you.

We act for clients all over Australia and globally in business, commercial, corporate, intellectual property, contract, equity, finance, estate, and building and construction transactions and disputes.

Principal lawyer and director, Meghan Warren is admitted to practice as an Australian legal practitioner and as an Attorney-at-Law to the New York State Bar in the United States.

How can we help you?

Helping international professionals and businesses achieve across borders in:

  • Mergers and acquisitions (sale and purchase in business)
  • Growth, improvement, review and business development
  • Competing jurisdictional advice
  • Business structuring, planning and strategy
  • Commercial contract review, preparation and negotiation
  • Commercial negotiations
  • Due diligence
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Unit Holders agreements
  • Partnerships
  • Franchise agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Consultancy and service agreements
  • Intellectual property licensing and commercialisation
  • Corporate governance
  • Australian Financial Services Law
  • ASIC compliance
  • Australian Consumer Law
  • Commercial and corporate disputes
  • Section 1782 – United States Code Applications (US discovery in foreign legal proceedings)
  • Enforcement of international judgments and orders
  • Advice to directors, executives and shareholders
  • Dispute resolution
  • International wills
  • Internationally owned assets and estates

Our Internationally Based Professionals & Businesses Lawyers

Meghan Warren


Meghan Warren

LL.B GAICD B.Bus (FinPlan)
Meghan is one of the few lawyers in Australia admitted in the State (Victoria) and Federal jurisdictions of Australia, and as an Attorney at Law to the New York State Bar in the United States.

Kristy Muhlhan


Kristy Muhlhan

Since 2014, she has been an owner and Principal of the firm and has mastered a broad range of essential commercial and business skills which go hand in hand with the work she does for...

Rosy Roberts


Rosy Roberts

Rosy has extensive experience in Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution having represented clients in all Victorian State Courts and the High Court of Australia. She is also a VCAT appointed Administrator.

Anthony Burke


Anthony Burke

Tony is an LIV accredited business law specialist and a VCAT appointed Administrator. In 2008 he was President of the Law Institute of Victoria and served for two years as a director of the Law...

Elizabeth Ong

Special Counsel

Elizabeth Ong

Special Counsel
Elizabeth is committed to providing world class, comprehensive commercial solutions and corporate advice tailored to the best interests of her clients. She is fluent in written and verbal English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Malaysian languages.

Helen Mastos

Special Counsel

Helen Mastos

Special Counsel
Helen is a Special Counsel with over 25 years of experience in Commercial Litigation and Commercial Law.

Bianka Duzelovski

Bianka has an extensive background both in private practice and as internal counsel for a number of high-profile building and commercial businesses so provides the perfect balance of legal skills to our Commercial, Disputes and...
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