Entrepreneurs Programme: Australian Businesses Receive $9.7 million

The Australian Government’s flagship initiative, the Entrepreneurs’ Programme provides assistance to businesses to launch innovative products, processes and services into domestic and international markets through four elements:

  1. Commercialisation of novel products, services and processes;
  2. Business management by providing access to a national network of experienced business advisors and facilitators;
  3. Support of start-up incubators across Australia; and
  4. Aligning experienced innovation facilitators to work with businesses to identify knowledge gaps that are preventing business growth. The outcome being the publication of an Innovation Facilitation Report.

Earlier this year, the Government provided grants worth $9.7 million to support 16 businesses to help launch their innovative products, processes and services into domestic and international markets. Amongst others, the latest funding will assist the following companies:

  • LoopLearn (Melbourne, VIC) to help complete trials and commercialise its product automating the roll marking process in schools using machine vision technology with the aim of reducing the administrative burden on staff and ensuring the safety of students.
  • GravityFit (Peregian Beach, QLD) to commercialise a range of smart functioning training garments for athletes and astronauts. The garments stabilise and strengthen spine and joints, reducing the risk of injury and improving performance.
  • Predikt-R (Fortitude Valley, QLD) to complete trials and commercialise a product that predicts workplace safety outcomes to reduce the risk of injuries in markets with high risk of injuries such as agriculture, manufacturing, construction, transport and mining.

Both Federal and State Governments are getting behind small business in a huge way. Both Governments are not only offering financial support but also support programs with experienced professionals.

Burke Lawyers has been assisting Victorian based and national business for over 65 years. We have an experienced and dedicated team who can help you structure your business for future growth in placing transparency, business management and accountability first. This could allow your business to attract Government support, and national and global success.

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